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our project

1. Logical support for camp and sites (life support, catering & logistic services)

1. Supply Diesel Fuel for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ Org.)
2. Supply Logistic Services for People in Need (PIN Org.)
3. EFIC (East Faluja Iraqi Camp) 4000 solider as subcontract from AISG (American Iraqi Solution Group)
4. AI Najaf Camp for MOI 1000 employees as subcontract from AISG.
5. AI Tadjy camp (Blue and Tent Restaurant) as subcontract from ALAMCO. - IMCO site in Majnoon for 250 employees.

2. Supply and rent equipment like

( Different crane size, trailers flat bed and body, low bed truck , forklift , water trucks , fuel trucks , freezer truck 40 feet for food shipment , shovels , excavator and compactor )and do these for the following companies :
A. AISG (American Iraqi Solution Group).
B. CSS company for security services, supply trailer with crane for them convoy.
C. AIAMCO Company Supply freezer trailer and trailer for transport the food to the company sites different sites.
D. SRG (Security recourse group), supply trailer and different crane in BIAP.
E. ARKEL International company in Majnoon Oil Field Renting different equipment, Crane, excavator, water trucks, fuel tracks and forklift
.F. CPP China Company in Majnoon Oil Field Renting different equipment
A. Supply and install IMCO main camp for 250 person at Majnoon Oil field in Basra.
B. Design, Fabricate and Install RONCO camp in Al Zubair city in Basra.
C. Design, Fabricate and install Camp for Lafarge Company in Karbala Cement Factory.
G. Supply Caravans units for ARKEL International in Majnoon Oil Field.
I. Supply Caravan units for many companies Like CSS Security, AISG, SRG, Lafarge, and RONCO for its different sites.
H. Supply and Install camp for the Police Academic in Mosul For 900 – 1100 persons , camp services and catering , supply generators, fuel, camp maintenance, waste management and supply specialist workers also we made clinic with tools and material
I. Al- Kasik camp in 2008 until 2012 for 400 – 700 person : supply and install camp and do all the operation process for catering and logistic services ( feeding area, laundry, waste management and barber shop ) and do the following for the US military ( water supply , generators, fuel, internet supply and other request material )
J. Supply Personal protective equipment (PPE): Uniforms, Safety shoes, Vest, belts, gloves, chemical and Gas detector … etc.
K. Supply Electrical Material: Different cables sizes, Transformers, Boards, Circuit breakers (4 &3 lines); Change over, Relays, Glands, light columns, Tools … etc.
L. Supply Mechanical Parts: Flanges, Ball bearings, different type and size of pipes, tools and equipment for pipeline works and other specific parts
M. Instruments: Pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, temperature gauges, level gauges and others
N. Supply Chemical substances: Pack R, Barite, NACL, Retarder 110, Xanthan Gum …etc. D- Supply Camp Furniture & equipment: Office furniture, Accommodation furniture, equipment and Kitchen equipment, feeding area furniture and equipment.