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our team

Team’s mission is to provide exceptional service focused specifically on our customer’s needs. We communicate that service with integrity, competency and transparency in a way that builds an atmosphere of teamwork and professionalism. Our goal is to leave the highest quality product behind with a client singing our praises.

Counsultant Eng.

Number of employer : 2


Number of employer : 2

Civil Engineer

Number of employer : 4


Number of employer : 22

Mechanical Engineer

Number of employer : 3

Area Engineer

Number of employer : 6


Number of employer : 4


Number of employer : 8


Number of employer : 2


Number of employer : 30

Unskilled workers

Number of employer : 60

The Team

The company consisted of the general manager and his assistant, besides, elite of engineers of all specializations, which the company needs, as well as, the legal consultant and accountant, in addition to the other officials, who administrate the company.

1.Counsultant Eng. /2
2.Architect /2
3.Civil Engineer /4
4.Electrical engineer /4
5.Mechanical Engineer /3
6.Area Engineer /6
7.Technical /22
8.Accountant /4
9.Administration /8
10.Lawyer /2
11.Workers /30
12.Unskilled workers /60

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