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about us

Black Energy Company is one of the major actor in Trading of Petroleum products and logistics Ltd. In Kurdistan Iraq, with regard to the rapid and safety standard of transportation as well as that of oil quality directly dispatched from terminals to end users, , we have ground to comprise two divisions' specialized in trading of Petroleum products and Logistic services. Black Energy maintains a local network of common carriers and timely delivery of petroleum products. Since the Group's creation, we have ground to comprise two divisions' specialized in trading of Petroleum products and Logistics. .

Our stakeholders, including government, employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, community, non-governmental organizations and relevant institutions, etc. Their trust and support is our continuous development, steady growth important condition.
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Company’s Aims

Establishing good and excellent relationships with international originations and companies, concerning the trading of petroleum products and Constructuion works , we deal with them for the purpose of reaching the best performance and providing high level of services to rise in highest degrees to achieve the success of its projects at any of its worksites, and the active participation in Iraq reconstruction campaign and accompany development occurring in its infrastructures.
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Project Management

Preparation of alternative designs for design-construct bids, costing advice related to the use of specialized tech and other pre-tender assistance, also Preparation of detailed designs and drawings along with approvals from local authorities as required Field, and Engineering assistance including posting of technicians at site to provide supervision and technical advice on advanced construction techniques.

The Stuff

The company has excellent human capabilities capable of accomplishing the projects and tasks assigned to it with high professionalism.













Chairman Statement

We are delighted to express our wish and willingness to cooperate with you in implementing all projects according to the technical specifications, also our readiness to provide you with all your needs of Petroleum Products, Logistic services from the best of global known origins, hoping that we participate on the campaign of reconstructing Iraq. We are confident that you will find that what we expressed above is suitable to fulfill your demands looking forward for our common working in the future projects.

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Number Of Employees

Administration and Organization

Our company out of its desire to complete the requirements of our customers in best measures has employed teams having high competencies and long experience in various specializations among them the administrative, contractual, architectural and civil and electrical engineering as well as the mechanical engineering, supporting this team a number of technical supervisors and foreman and specialized draftsmen which help to meet the technical requirements and needs of projects in high speed and efficiency beside the possibility of preparing the drawings and designs inside the company according to the request of customers, all that makes us confident from executing and accomplishing complete projects according to the highest levels of quality and proficiency..